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Provider Benefits


Southern Pharmacy Clinical Management pharmacy programs act as an extension of your provider team, strengthening the relationship between physician, pharmacist, and patient.

  • Enhance your patients experience through a more comprehensive service and a comfortable environment to fill their prescription needs. Control the process of obtaining and delivering needed medications to your patients.
  • Offering your patients with point of care pharmacy services removes many common issues that patients experience:
  • At times patients cannot get the pain medications that they will need post-surgery and therefore must go to multiple pharmacies.
  • There is no enhancement to the patient experience going to random pharmacies to attempt to fill your prescriptions.
  • Patients may be experiencing major pain, but they still must drive (or be driven) to pharmacies and then wait for their prescriptions to be filled.

Provide your patients with immediate customized medication therapies, access to the necessary pain medications, and a personal consultation on medication utilization.

Pharmacy Setup Includes:

  • Space & Build-out Design
  • Licensing
  • Staffing
  • Payor Contracting
  • Supply Chain
  • Pharmacy Management System
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Training

Provider Benefits

In House Dispensing Provider Benefits

Southern Pharmacy Clinical Management provides you with an onsite, turn-key medication program that enables you to bring your most highly demanded service in-house as an ancillary benefit. This patient centered program is an ideal fit for groups pursuing Triple Aim Initiatives or looking to transition into a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH).

  • Improve Adherence:

By providing a coordinated schedule of visits where medications are provided at the point of care you can guarantee adherence, promote the use of your center and encourage 90 day fills for chronic diseases. Many chronic medications are available for under $5.00 for a 90-day supply!

  • Increase Convenience and Access:

Differentiate your practice by providing a convenient and valued service to your patient population.

  • Empower your Practice:

90% of medical therapies include the use of prescription medications. By bringing this service onsite you can more effectively coordinate the care of the patient, foster better understanding of their treatment plan and enhance the profitability of your practice.

  • Increase Access & Convenience:

Having medications available onsite eliminates the necessity for time consuming trips to the pharmacy and allows the patient to begin therapy immediately.

  • Educate Parents on Medication use:

Liquid suspension instructions are more often misunderstood than oral solids. Offering the medication onsite provides the physician with the opportunity to be the educator to the parent/patient on the medication itself as well as how to prepare the proper dose.

Maintain Compliance

In each of our programs, we use software systems that automatically submit PDMP and Zero Reporting notices according to the appropriate state’s specific rules. Rest assured that your controlled substance reporting will always be handled smoothly.

Focus on Satisfied Patients

Loyal patients who provide referrals are important to every practice. Understanding this, our company works with our physician partners to focus on satisfied patients who achieve good outcomes.

Patients receive more comfortable and secure care when the physician and medication dispensing alliance is intimately linked. Whether it is through an on-site pharmacy or a point-of-care dispensary program, your patients will appreciate and enjoy the personal benefits they get to receive from your practice.

Make Prescription Pickup Fast and Easy

When you have a point-of-care dispensary or pharmacy program, there’s one less step between the written prescription and the patient following their medication protocol. Rest assured that our on-site programs will significantly improve the likelihood that a prescription will be filled.

Grow Practice Revenue

Adding revenue streams, maximizing existing revenue channels, and establishing efficient processes create momentum for growth. Our company works with you to ensure the program design corresponds with your needs and growth goals.

Enhance Patient Experience

Our Point-Of-Care Pharmacy Program addresses patient priorities, offers greater convenience, and gives a better health care experience. Patients can ask medication questions, fill prescriptions on-site, and focus on what’s important – getting healthy. Remember: informed and confident patients are more likely to adhere to medication protocols and treatment recommendations.

Increase Your Patient Base

Trust us to take care of all the implementation, operation, and management of your program. With our help, you’re free to focus on what matters most: your patients.

An in-office pharmacy program will provide your patients with personal benefits and greater care. This will result in your patients’ loyal relationship with the practice. They are also more likely to provide referrals.